Charity number: SC051764

About us

We are an animal sanctuary getting established in East Ayrshire working towards the advancement of education, community development, environmental protection, animal welfare, and the relief of poverty. Our goals are ambitious and wide reaching but we believe by focusing on the environment, community, and individual we can do good for our local community.

How we plan to achieve this dream:

This will be a brief example of our programs and charitable aims which will be broken down into three categories, which makes up our purpose of promoting a sustainable society. On the "The Plan" and "Projects" tabs there will be more details. We will achieve this by running programs that help improve the: 


The advancement of animal welfare.

At our core we are an animal sanctuary and will be working to rescue, rehabilitate, and when possible, rehome non-human animals from the agricultural industry. These non-human animals will not produce any products or services, and no pressure will be put on them to interact with the public, but will take part in our educational and community projects while also enhancing the mental health of those who visit us. 

As we build, we will be doing so in a sustainable way which will involve renewable energy and recycled material for infrastructure while promoting these processes to the community. The waste from the animals will also be repurposed to produce byproducts like fertilizer and usable gases. 


The advancement of citizenship and community development.

We will be providing opportunities for work experience, education, training, and qualifications for the community, and providing a service with our capacities to run retreats which will increase tourism in the local area of Kilmarnock. The training and education will revolve around animal care, hospitality, and event management with SQA qualifications and work experience in the future. We will also be collaborating with local universities and charities to offer more programs to the community to help develop a sense of comradery.

Our glamping pods will be able to be used by our volunteers who wish to stay on site while volunteering and rented out to other local buisnesses and charities for retreats at highly reduced rates. This will also give those undergoing work experience first hand knowlage in working with people in the tourism and hospitality sector. 


The prevention of poverty and the advancement of education.

By providing support for students with barriers to learning, and courses that help those who need more than the normal schooling system can offer we hope to inspire groups of people to redevelop a love for education and improve mental health while doing so. Our training, work placement, CV writing, and experience gained by working with us will also improve employment prospects which will prevent or relieve a major cause of poverty. Our first project as a charity directly addressed the barriers to education for those on benefits and the results have been amazing.

With these programs we hope to improve mental health, education, employability, and help seek out job opportunities while offering a references which we believe are major causes of non-generational poverty. There are many disadvantages that work in a circular process making it almost impossible for individual to break free from the cycle of poverty and we want to be a source of outside intervention to help break this cycle.